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08 October 2010 @ 10:45 pm
Don't be alarmed, I am not deleting the account, and, contrary to popular belief, I still exist. I lost interest in icon-making a while back when school interfered with my lovely TV schedule and I just never caught back up. As well, I became disgruntled by changes to various shows and whatnot and just fell out of the fandoms. I hope to get back into the game of things, maybe not in the way of icon making, but layouts, fanmixes, and whathaveyou. Should I not, this community will continue to be here.

Also, this is not the place to ask questions about issues with my layouts. It's been so long that I would have no clue as to what could be wrong with it. Please refer to the many communities available for the Flexible Squares layout (Google is your friend!), and I encourage you to seek out CSS guides (e.g. cartonage) and try it for yourself. Better to have learned and made mistakes than to never have learned at all.

Anyway, just so y'all know, this notice is actually about image links. I'm cleaning up and consolidating my multiple Photobucket accounts, SO THAT MEANS LOTS OF BROKEN LINKS, MISSING IMAGES AND ICONS! As well, if you're using one of my layouts, it will likely not look how it should due to this, as I used to host the images when I had a paid account and unlimited bandwidth, but that is no longer. I'll eventually get around to reuploading my layouts with images provided, but until then, you're outta luck. Sorry!